Garrett HMD01

Garrett HMD01
Garrett HMD01 Garrett HMD01 Garrett HMD01

·         Hand Held Metal Detector
·         Ultra-high sensitivity, not subject to arbitary adjustment
·         Auto tuning means no adjustment are ever necessary
·         Simple and one switch operation
·         Rugged high impact ABS case with reinfored coil compartment
·         Meet or exceeds all regulatory and performance standars including the new NU0606.02
·         Detects medium-sized pistols from distance of 9 inch, large knife, up to 6 inch, razor blade,
·         box cutters,handcuff keys, up to 3 inch, foil-wrapped drugs, eletrionic components, tiny jewelry, 1 inch
·         Earphone attachemnt permits "Silient scanning"
·         No tools required to change battery (9V), Battery can afford 80 hours under normal operation.
·         Sharp audible alarm and bright Red LED indicates detection of metal
·         Momentary switch tempororily eliminates detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls, etc
·         Green LED indicates detectors is on, Amber LED indicates that battery is low
·         Working frequency: 95Hz, Size:42*4.13*8.3 CM, Weight: 0.5kgs